littleINDUSTRIES provides a wide range of high quality design services to smaller clients.

The one-man company was started in an effort to allow small businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs the opportunity to keep focused on what they do best, while supplementing their vision with great aesthetics, design knowledge, and quality production. The results are simple, unique designs that speak to their individual companies.

littleINDUSTRIES does work with art consulting and management, helping businesses connect with artists for various projects. The company also handles the creation and management of unique events that engage the public with art and design as a backdrop.

Products & Services

  • Logos & Identity Packages

  • Website Design & Development

  • Signage

  • Environmental Design

  • Print Design

  • Infographic Design

  • Art Consulting & Management

  • Event Production & Management

Phillip Elie