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Lip Body Foot : A Cup Shaped Thing


Blockfort invites you to Lip Body Foot : A Cup Shaped Thing, a "cup show" featuring 41 ceramic artists from around the country, curated by Cat Sheridan and Lisa Belsky, with the support of Kate Menke and Lance Thompson.

In the ceramics community the collection of cups by fellow artists is common practice, part research, a type of homage, and often a bit of a tradition. Many artists are either already making functional ware or are sculptural ceramicists that create cups that riff on their sculptural style.

The cup provides a perfect entry point for art collecting. This approachable and accessible object is a great way to educate people who are new or unfamiliar with ceramics as an artistic medium. The cup demonstrates the beauty and versatility of clay as an artistic medium. It can also further expose viewers to what is going on in the world of contemporary ceramics.

Artists include:
Alex Watson
Ashley Bevington
Ben Jordan
Birdie Boone
Caleb Zouhary
Charity White
Chris Lively
Collen McCall
Eric Van Eimeren
Ernest Miller
Evelyn Ward
Ian Childers
Ingrid Bathe
Jen Allen
Jeremiah Ibarra
Jeremy Wallace
Jim Bowling
John Oles
Julie Woodrow
Kate Daedal
Kelly Justice
Kevin Kowalski
Liz Delatore
Logan Bishop
Mark Arnold
Melissa Mytty
Melissa Weis
Meredith Host
Mike Cinelli
Nara Burgess
Paul Donnelly
Paul Ide
Rain Harris
Sam Lopez
Samantha Oliver
Sean Forrest
Stacey Landino
Stephanie Galli
Terrence Hammonds
Tim Kowalczyk

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