David Butler

David Michael Butler ( Born 1983, St. Louis. MO) makes paintings, drawings, installations, and video. Forced to live in the reality of ‘dominant culture’, Butler touches various overlapping themes and strategies. Several reoccurring subject matters can be recognized, such as the relation with race/identity in popular culture and media, social justice, working with the body, and the investigation of materials.

He sees himself as a versatile Sorealist Creative.

SOREALISM: noun, Pure creative force that expresses identity to combat white christian hetero male supremacy by either creating visually or any form of making. A true function of thought and practice dictated by reacting to our oppressive realities, internalizing the events, reflecting, creating, and collaborating with the sole goal to fight supremacy. All to create the aesthetics that uplift and share perspectives of oppressed peoples, especially people of color. He works to show his realities, disrupt oppression, and combat the status quo of whiteness as a standard. He is Soreal.

Some have said, his art is a loud bang and shoulder shake, to wake up and question what’s fallen as ordinary. He just wants to share the stories. David currently lives and works in Columbus, OH with his partner Erica and son Emory.