Gabriela Torres

Gabriela Torres is a multi disciplinary artist concentrated in painting, sculpture, and poetry. Gabriela focuses and draws inspiration from the female form, sexuality, sensory memories and narratives derived from the psyche and dreams. She is influenced by Renaissance era bodies of work and what was then known as the “male gaze” as well as the transition or progression of controversial figurative art to present day contemporary art. She explores this through her own life and experiences and challenges the concept of the “female gaze” in comparison.

Gabriela Torres is an Ohio native and CCAD graduate of Fine Arts with a minor in Art History and Creative Writing. Aside from her studio practice Gabriela is involved in the Columbus Startup community with organizations like Give Back Hack and Shatter, a tech based company working to improve gender bias in the workplace. Gabriela also loves to support local artists and musicians in the city and enjoys local creative venues, events, and traveling to explore new cultures in her spare time.