Lucie Shearer

Lucie Shearer is an artist & illustrator who’s surreal, fantasy works discuss themes such as love, intuition, emotional exploration and human connection. Each piece tells a metaphorical story through the use of body language, composition, light, and symbolism.  Some common imagery includes feminine figures, hands, the moon and stars, moths and other winged creatures, water, and unusual glowing objects. Figures will often have misplaced pieces like a game of jenga. She wants her work to create an experience of connection and understanding.

Shearer has shown in galleries such as Rivet, Ohio Art League X Space, Wild Goose Creative, Gallery1988, Jackie O’s Brewery, 400 West Rich and Blockfort; Her work has also been shown at events such the Greater Columbus Arts Festival, Craftin’ Outlaws and GenCon. In 2016 Lucie received the Best Emerging Artist Award from the Columbus Arts Festival.

Lucie has spoken on numerous panels about art business and has taught as an adjunct at CCAD in the past. Currently she live-streams her creative process each week on as a way to provide an educational resource and way to connect with other creatives.

Ms. Shearer is employed full-time but is available for freelance work, collaborations and commissions.

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