Tobi Ewing

Tobi Ewing is a wellness entrepreneur, social agitator and yoga and meditation guide currently based in Columbus, Oh. Tobi is also the passionate mind and founder behind Beyond the Clouds, a wellness platform and service prioritizing women and people of color on their journey to be well. Tobi shines at the intersection of valuable service, creative strategy + wellness. As an wellness advocate and social agitator, Tobi is aims to diversify wellness spaces and make wellness convenient and lifestyle-friendly. For her this looks like modern and relevant programming, that’s inclusive of race, gender, sexual orientation and body diversity. As a teacher, Tobi is focused on helping students find their own practice and ways to prioritize their self care in their everyday life.

Tobi Ewing is Gender Studies, BA graduate of Skidmore College. Tobi is also a certified yoga teacher with extensive training from Yoga on High. In college, Tobi double minored in Business Management and Art Administration, and has alway been passionate about creating businesses/platforms combining business/entrepreneurship and social good. Tobi is dedicated to creating sustainable safe spaces. Aside from her own business, she is also involved with Midwest Culture Lab and the Ohio Student Association. In her spare time she loves to try new restaurants, support creative events, create meaningful connections and great laughs, and watch documentaries.

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